Cleaning, polishing and resurfacing for vinyl, tile and concrete floors

We are specialists in hard floor stripping, resurfacing and polishing – so we know a great polish is about more than just what’s on the surface.  

As well as bringing back the mirror shine, properly resurfacing your floor should significantly lengthen the life of your flooring, by protecting it from most wear, scratches and stains. It can also make your floor more hygenic and easier to keep clean, by reducing the dips and scratches which can harbour dirt.

However, that’s why it’s important to resurface your floor properly. High quality materials, the right tools and a lot of time is needed to get a long-lasting, high quality finish.



Services we offer include:

  • Full strip, deep scrub, resurface and polish – ideal for vinyl, concrete or stone floors, especially in high-traffic or medical environments. This service usually takes a full day, and includes stripping of aged polish, a heavy-duty machine scrub, application of 4-5 coats of high gloss floor coating, and final burnishing.
  • Flooring deep clean – ideal for tiles or textured surfaces, especially in commercial kitchens and bathrooms. This service can include a heavy duty scrub with one of our range of polishing machines, and burnishing for vinyl or polished floors.


We would be happy to visit you on site to discuss your flooring needs, and what treatments might work for your floors. Our quotes are free, and no-obligation.